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Douglas Windscreens

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If you are looking for a durable, long lasting, and affordable windscreen, look no further than National Sports Products, a division of Douglas Industries, Inc.! Douglas® is a proud family owned and operated company with nearly 50 years experience manufacturing and sewing custom American made products.

For unsurpassed quality, all Douglas® screens are made from the best UV and weather resistant materials. Strength is maximized with their unique extra-strong reinforced hems - the strongest in the industry. The full-line of Windscreens offered by Douglas® ensures you can find the best material for any recreational or industrial application. Douglas® provides great service and expertise as well as superior fabrication and attention to detail.

Polypropylene   Vinyl Coated Polyester
Polypropylene Windscreen Fabric Custom made to your specifications VCP Max Windscreen Fabric Vinyl Coated Polyester Windscreen for custom logo screens
Poly-Pro™+ VCP Max™

100% polypropylene
Open - 28 x 14 leno weave
Closed - 30 x 16 leno weave

Open - 87%
Closed - 95%

Weight per square yard:
Open - 7 oz.
Closed - 8 oz.

Tensile strength:
Open - 380 x 150
Closed - 420 x 225

Colors: Dark Green or Black

Warranty: 4 Year limited

9 x12 weave

Open - 89%

Weight per square yard:
Open - 9 oz.

Tensile strength:
Open -395 x 401

Colors: Dark Green, Black or Open Tournament Blue

Warranty: 4 Year limited

50% vinyl, 50% polyester,
Open - 9 x 12 weave

Windbreak: Open - 80%

Weight per square yard:
Open - 7 oz.

Tensile strength:
Open - 230 x 200

Standard Colors:
Dark Green or Black
Other Colors:
Yellow, White, Royal Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Navy, Burgundy, Gray, Brown, Bright Green and Open Tournament Blue

Warranty: 3 Year limited

This 100% Polypropylene material is Douglas’s® most popular windscreen fabric. Choose from OMP (Open Mesh) or CMP (Closed Mesh) fabric. This low-maintenance material offers classic good looks and highly durable performance. Polypropylene material is heat-set so your screens will never shrink or change shape. Weather and UV protection is extruded into every fiber of Douglas® Poly-Pro Plus Premium Windscreen for maximum performance and long life.

Vinyl Coated Polyester
This versatile and attractive windscreen fabric is durable and boasts great weather resistance. Douglas® VCP screens are resistant to water, salt, mildew and UV rays. Vinyl Coated Polyester is available in a variety of colors, and custom UV digital printing and logos can be printed directly on the material.

VCP Max™
Douglas® VCP Max™ goes one step further by offering maximum tensile strength and visual blockage. At 89% windbreak, VCP Max™ allows more airflow than closed mesh screens, but provides a better visual background than open mesh screens. Printing on VCP Max™ is more vibrant and offers increased clarity due to the tighter mesh.

Available Options

AVR - Reinforced air vents, installed at 10’ intervals, are optional on all windscreens and are recommended for closed mesh screens and 9’ high screens.

AV Die-cut and heat sealed air vents are available for vinyl-coated polyester screens only. Recommended for all VCP screens

How to Measure to Order, Install and Care for Windscreens


  • Windscreens are available in standard 6’ and 9’ heights and in custom heights by quotation
  • Any screen width is available; however, 60’ is the maximum recommended width per panel
  • Standard 3-Ply extra-strong hems are constructed with solid vinyl inserts double sewn to 1-1/2” wide (Figure 1) and are standard for Vinyl Coated Polyester (VCP) and VCP Max™
  • Heavy-Duty 4-Ply hems are constructed with an 18 oz vinyl overlay and #2 brass grommets spaced every 12” (Figure 2) and are standard for Poly-Pro Plus Premium
  • All hems include #2 brass grommets spaced every 18” top and bottom and every 12” on sides
  • All 9’ screens include a Center Tab with grommets for anti-billowing installation (Figure 3)
  • Optionally, 9’ screens may substitute a Center Reinforcement Tape (CRT) with grommets that can be laced to the fence (Figure 4)